You Spoke. I Listened.

As I have discussed local issues with citizens in our communities, six general concerns are frequently raised about our quality of life. As your legislative representative, I appreciate your input, ideas and opinions and pay particular attention to legislation affecting these areas.

These principles guide my votes in the Legislature:

I oppose national healthcare legislation.

I support the rule of law for regulating immigration. I support a national guest worker program for foreigners, which is needed to support the workforce in many businesses.

I believe in the value of all life, including the aged and unborn.

I oppose abortion, except to preserve life of the mother or in case of rape or incest. 

I believe in freedom of religion rather than freedom from religion. 

I support our second amendment rights to own and bear firearms. 

I believe that the traditional family, where a mother and father raise and nurture their children, is the core of our society's strength and stability. Our homes are where values and ethics originate. I believe that marriage is a sacred institution. I believe that attempts to lawfully recognize same sex marriage must be stopped.

I believe that parents' rights are to be protected from government intrusion. 

I oppose intrusive government mandates that infringe on the constitutional rights of citizens. 

I oppose unfunded government mandates to state and local government.

I oppose the federal government's creation of the Department of Education, primarily because it infringes on states' rights by creating a "federal" education mandate.

I support development of our nation's conventional and renewable energy resources. I support development of Utah's oil shale and oil sands. It is estimated that there are more barrels of recoverable oil reserves in oil shale located in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming than the known amount of crude oil reserves in the Middle East.

I support responsible environmental management. I recognize that there are changes in our climate, but my research has convinced me that this is primarily from natural climate variation. I cautiously balance EPA initiatives with energy development to assure our state's energy resources are allowed to be developed responsibly.